Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the foundations on which all operations of the Mondial Waaijenberg Group are based. All members of the group are particularly concerned about employee welfare, the environment and efficiency. The Mondial Waaijenberg Group uses environmentally friendly removal vans, and the boxes that are used are made of sustainable materials. It continuously invests in educating personnel. As a result, the entire staff is well trained, providing advantages for both customers and colleagues alike. In addition, as of 1 January 2010, the Ede branch has entirely switched to the exclusive use of green energy, and the same policy has been planned for implementation in Kolham as per 18 May 2010.

As a sponsor, the Mondial Waaijenberg Group provides support for national and regional sports clubs, the arts and culture. Examples of the Mondial Waaijenberg Group sponsorships include:

  • FC Groningen
  • Tour 75
  • HCS Hoogezand
  • Blauw Geel ’55
  • Historical Museum Ede
  • ACE X-clusive
  • DVOV Velp
  • Bennekom Children’s Village
  • De Honshorst
  • Belvedere
  • Schirchadasj in Ede