Storage facilities

Storage Facilities

The Mondial Waaijenberg Group is not only specialised in private removals and corporate relocations , but also in storing records , furniture and household effects. The company disposes of well over 12,000m2 of storage space in Ede (Gelderland) and Kolham (Groningen). These spaces have an emergency class 3 rating and are dustproof and heated, which guarantees your possessions to remain in top condition, even after months of storage.

Flexible Storage

The Mondial Waaijenberg Group realises that you do not want to pay any more than for what you use, which is why payments are settled once per week. This implies a notice period of at most one week, without the inconvenience of rental agreements. You simply store your possessions and pay us per week for storage in our warehouse.

Private Storage

At the Mondial Waaijenberg Group, your household effects are stored in the best possible way: safe, warm and dry. Our consultants will be glad to advise you on how best to store your furniture.

Corporate Warehousing

Securely and safely storing your company effects is no problem at all for the The Mondial Waaijenberg Group. Whether school furniture or an entire shop inventory, we can handle anything. Our state of the art loading and unloading facilities also contribute to a high level of service provision. The precise location at which your effects are stored is digitally recorded, resulting in a swift delivery of whatever it is you wish to access, retrieve or check.
Curious about the costs of storing records or warehousing? As these costs depend on a variety of issues, we will be glad to give you a custom made offer, no strings attached. Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.