If you have sold your house and have not got a new residence yet, temporarily storing your possessions may well be an important issue. The Mondial Waaijenberg Group can collect, store and ultimately move your household effects to your new address . If you plan to emigrate , your possessions can naturally be stored in one of our secured, dust-proof and heated warehouses for a longer period of time. We guarantee optimal storage conditions.
No two collections of household effects are the same, which is why we will be happy to discuss in person the right plan of action for your possessions. The storage costs are determined on the basis of volume and expected storage period.


Every company is sooner or later confronted with a lack of storage space. Sometimes temporarily, sometimes for a prolonged period. The Mondial Waaijenberg Group disposes of well over 12,000m2 of secured, dust proof and heated storage space. Your possessions can be safely stored here, and we make sure to keep them in top condition. We have racks, containers and open spaces at your disposal.
Care to receive an offer for storage or warehousing right now? Then fill in the contact form . We will then contact you as soon as possible.